5 Essential Shoes for Your Winter Vacation

5 Essential Shoes for Your Winter Vacation

Do you picture sandy beaches or snowy mountaintops when you think of vacationing in the winter? While many travel to warmer destinations, it’s not uncommon to take a vacation somewhere cool, too. If you’re traveling somewhere cold and snowy, you must have the right shoes, or you could easily become uncomfortable. Prepare for your winter vacation with our list of essential shoes you don’t want to forget.

Snow Boots

If your winter vacay itinerary includes frolicking in the snow or chasing adrenaline on the slopes, you’ll want a trusty pair of snow boots to tag along. Trust us, any snow-laden escapade isn’t complete without a worthwhile pair of snow boots—we recommend an insulated boot to keep your toes extra toasty. Instead of worrying about cold feet, you can worry about getting that snowman’s head on straight or nailing that black diamond slope.

Hiking Boots

It might not seem like there is a difference between hiking boots and snow boots, but there is. If you plan to spend a lot of time hiking, you should bring boots specifically for this activity. While snow boots offer more warmth, hiking boots are lighter and more breathable. Plus, hiking boots have a better grip, meaning you won’t end up like Bambi on ice.

Casual Boots

Just because you’re on a winter vacation doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time outdoors. On the days when you simply want to blend in with the locals and wander around, you need a casual pair of boots. For instance, Very G ankle boots are cozy to walk around in yet stylish with any outfit; you can easily transition these boots from daytime shopping to nighttime cocktails.

Waterproof Sneakers

You don’t need to limit your footwear to boots. Yes, these are versatile shoes during colder weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a different shoe style on your trip. Waterproof sneakers are a great option because they’re comfortable, provide support, and wick away melting snow and water to keep your feet dry.

Faux Fur-Lined Slip-Ons

Whether you’re staying in a cabin in the woods or a ski lodge atop a mountain, you’ll likely want to spend some time relaxing in your room. Keeping your toes warm after a day filled with snowy adventures is important, and faux fur-lined slip-ons are exactly what your feet need! If you don’t want to bring an extra pair of shoes, though, consider packing wool socks instead.

As you navigate your vacation checklist, note that your shoes will determine your comfort and support. When packing, remember to choose shoes that suit your planned activities, and use our list of essential shoes for your winter vacation to ensure you’re not getting cold feet!

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