How To Incorporate More Color Into Your Wardrobe

How To Incorporate More Color Into Your Wardrobe

Color isn’t just for the canvas of a painter or the giant billboard that brightens a busy intersection. It’s for you, too. Yes, you! If your closet has become a sea of black, white, and tan, it’s high time to shake things up with a splash of vibrancy. What you choose to wear is all about infusing your personality into your fashion choices—and sometimes, all that takes is a little bit of color!

From mastering the basics to pushing your boundaries, this guide is your ticket to a more colorful life, one outfit at a time. Incorporate more color into your wardrobe this season and paint your style with hues that make you shine.

First, Know What Colors Suit You

When it comes to adopting a new color, the key is to stick with shades that complement your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Not every color in the rainbow will be your BFF—that’s okay. Start by identifying whether you look best with cool or warm tones.

If it’s cool, you’ll probably look best in jewel tones and icy pastels. If it’s warm, you’ll shine in earthy and sun-kissed shades. To get a better understanding, hold up various colored fabrics to your face in natural light. Once you have that palette nailed down, shopping decisions become so much simpler.

Start With Accessories

If you’re feeling a tad hesitant, accessories are the perfect gateway to a more colorful wardrobe. A bright scarf, a bold pair of earrings, or even a multi-hued belt can instantly elevate a monochromatic outfit. The beauty of accessories is that you can interchange them effortlessly, allowing you to experiment with different shades and tones. They’re also a savvy way to stay on-trend without committing to a full look, which makes it a low-stakes way to explore the wonderful world of color.

Add a Pop of Color With Footwear

Ladies, it’s time to break free from the mundane choice of black and brown shoes. A conspicuous pair of red heels, a vibrant set of sneakers, or even a canary-yellow pair of flats can add that much-needed pop of color to an otherwise understated ensemble. Not only does colorful footwear make a look fun and unique, but it also has this magical ability to make even the simplest outfit look like you put in a whole lot of effort. Your shoes can speak louder than words!

Mix in Colored Denim

Colored denim can be a game changer for your wardrobe. When jeans come in every shade, from pastels to neon brights, why relegate yourself to blue? Pair a basic white tee with a pair of coral jeans for a casual yet stylish daytime look, or dress up for date night with forest green denim and a flowy women’s short-sleeve top. The versatility of colored denim is unmatched, and it’s a comfortable way to add some zest to your daily wear.

Layer on Top of Neutrals

If you need more time to transition and feel comfortable with color in your outfits, stick with a neutral base and then add a pop of color with a structured blazer, a cozy cardigan, or a chic shawl. This can be the happy medium that helps you get used to the vibrancy of your new wardrobe. This approach is especially effective during transitional seasons when the weather can change rapidly. It’s a look that’s sophisticated, smart, and fashion-forward without being too outlandish.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is likely cozy, safe, and, well, monochromatic. Sometimes, it’s refreshingly liberating to take a leap of faith into a different color story. If you’re always drawn to navy blue, try a rich sapphire for a change. If black is your comfort blanket, perhaps a step toward maroon or emerald green is in your future. You’ll be surprised how these small changes can excite your senses and even boost your mood.

Color Block Your Outfit

Color blocking is the art of combining large, solid areas of contrasting colors in one outfit. It’s bold, it’s graphic, and when done right, it’s an absolute showstopper. The key to successful color blocking is to pair colors that are at the same intensity level: brights with brights, pastels with pastels, and darks with darks.

This technique is a great way to wear several striking hues together and make a serious style statement. If you’re new to color blocking, start with two colors, then work your way up. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules. It’s all about what makes you feel confident and ready to tackle the day.

Shop for Colorful Prints and Patterns

If plain colors are too pedestrian for you, it’s time to set your sights on the world of prints and patterns. This is a fantastic way to incorporate multiple colors into your outfit while maintaining a balanced look. Whether it’s a floral dress, a striped top, or a polka-dotted skirt, colorful prints can be exciting and playful. Just ensure that the prints you choose are in proportion to your body. A good rule of thumb to remember is to use larger prints to cover more space and smaller prints for accents.

Incorporate Colorful Handbags

A colorful handbag can transform an entire look and inject some life into an otherwise neutral or monochromatic ensemble. It doesn’t have to be as intense as a neon clutch (though those can be fabulous); a pastel satchel or a cherry-red tote can make quite the statement. Plus, a bright bag is a great investment piece. It’s something you can use all year round to add a little flair to your outfit, no matter the season.

Try Colored Eyewear

Last but not least, it’s time to pay some attention to your glasses. If you’re a specs-wearer, colored frames can be a fun way to introduce some brightness to your face and, consequently, your outfit. Rose-tinted lenses or blue, green, or even patterned frames can add a whole new dimension to your look. Sunglasses are functional and fashionable, so why not mix in some color to protect your eyes in style?

And there you have it—a rainbow-colored roadmap to a more exciting wardrobe. Fashion is a form of self-expression, and color is a key component. It can influence your mood, convey your personality, and make you feel ready to take on the day. How do you plan on incorporating more color into your wardrobe? Add new, vibrant pieces to your closet that you’ll love with Arrow Twenty-Two.

How To Incorporate More Color Into Your Wardrobe

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