How To Transition Your Closet From Spring to Summer

How to Transition Your Closet From Spring to Summer

Dressing can be a challenge between March and May. One day it’s warm and sunny, and the next, it’s grey and snowy. You can’t store your winter coats yet, but you need some lighter-weight clothing, too.

But when summer is in full swing, you know you’ll need some wardrobe essentials that haven’t seen the light of day since last September. Read on to learn more about how to transition your closet from spring to summer with ease and a little fun!

Spring and Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Spring is all about layering with lightweight jackets, cardigans, and long-sleeve tees to keep yourself comfortable on those unpredictable weather days. If it’s chilly, you’re covered, and if the sun emerges and heats things up, you can shed layers as needed.

When it comes to summer, it’s all about lightweight materials and breathable fabrics such as linen, cotton, and light silks. Don’t forget that the transition extends from head to toe, so you’ll be looking at sun hats and sandals, too.

Key Differences Between Spring and Summer Attire

The main differences between spring and summer attire are colors and fabrics. Spring typically features light and bright pastels, while summer is about bold and vibrant colors. Material-wise, spring clothing tends to have a mix of heavier and lighter fabrics, whereas summer attire focuses on lightweight and breezy materials to keep you cool.

Practical Tips To Make the Transition From Spring to Summer

Edit Your Current Wardrobe: Start by going through your spring wardrobe and deciding which pieces you want to keep for summer. Look out for versatile items like lightweight cardigans, and make a list of women’s short-sleeved tops to add. Think about donating or storing heavy knits, wool clothing, and pieces that don’t work with your summer look.

Consider Color: Embrace vibrant colors and patterns for summer. Keep your pastel-colored pieces from spring, and add some bolder options like bright pinks, yellows, and blues. You can also incorporate some floral or geometric prints to give your wardrobe more energy.

Switch Up Materials and Textures: Swap out thicker materials such as wool and cashmere for lighter, more breathable fabrics, including cotton, linen, and silk. Keep an eye out for materials that wick moisture away from the skin and provide optimal breathability.

Shuffle Your Shoes: Put away those heavy boots and thick sneakers, and bring out the sandals, flats, and espadrilles. Open-toed shoes allow your feet to breathe, which is refreshing on hot summer days.

Transition Your Tops: Swap your long-sleeved blouses and sweaters for short-sleeved tops in lightweight fabrics combined with playful colors and patterns. Sleeves can be playful and fluttery or cuffed and practical.

Juggle Your Jeans, Capris, and Shorts: As temperatures rise, you can transition from dark wash jeans to light wash denim or khaki chinos, capris, shorts, and skirts. Consider keeping a pair of heavier jeans handy for those chilly summer nights, but focus on lighter, more breathable materials.

Sort Your Swimsuits: Chlorine, salt water, and sun take a toll on swimwear. Take a critical look at your suits from last summer to assess whether they’ve lost their pizzazz. Are they still stretchy enough? Do they still fit well? Have the colors faded?

It may be time to let go of an old bathing suit and add a new one. Try a few top and bottom combinations. You may find mix-and-match pieces that create different looks for different days; add options when one of your suits is still wet from yesterday’s fun.

Augment Your Accessories: Accessories can make or break your summer look. Complete your wardrobe transition by swapping out heavy scarves and beanies for sun hats and shades to protect your face and eyes. Look for bolder statement jewelry in bright colors to accompany your summer outfits.

Experiment With Color Pairings and Prints

Now that you’ve edited your wardrobe and made a list of new pieces you should add, think about how to put it all together. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with colors that you might not usually wear. Try pairing a bright yellow top with a bold blue skirt or a pink dress with green accessories. Keep in mind the color wheel and try color-blocked outfits.

Summer is the perfect time to explore prints and patterns. Summer provides an opportunity to add some excitement and playfulness to your wardrobe, from floral to tropical and geometric prints.

Create Outfits Based on Occasion

Consider the events or outings you’ll attend this summer and create outfits based on those occasions. For example, a casual weekend look might include denim shorts and a graphic tee paired with sandals. Create a date-night look with a fun sundress, statement earrings, and wedges.

You’ll need your red, white, and blue for Independence Day parades and parties and a flowy, gauzy floral dress for garden parties and outdoor weddings. If you’re into outdoor sports and activities, make sure you’re up-to-date on bright running shorts and leggings, supportive, stretchy crop tops, and baseball hats to protect yourself from the sun.

Layer Wisely

While layering is essential in spring, and summer is all about staying cool, you still may encounter a cool summer breeze in the evening, bone-chilling air-conditioning, or an overcast day. If you’re going sailing, you’ll definitely need some foul-weather gear and a sweatshirt for when the wind kicks up. Layering can help you stay comfortable and stylish. Pair a lightweight jacket with a sleeveless dress or short-sleeved tee, or top a pair of shorts with a T-shirt and a zip-up sweatshirt.

Transitioning your wardrobe from spring to summer brings new energy to your look. By editing your existing spring wardrobe, embracing vibrant colors, selecting appropriate materials, and experimenting with prints, you can create a unique and fresh look that reflects your style and personality. By keeping things fun, you can be both fashion-forward and comfortable, whatever the temperature.

Here at Arrow 22, we’ve got all the summer wardrobe essentials you need, from flowy dresses and short-sleeved tops to capris, skirts, and shorts. We’ve got hats to protect your head and face and colorful, creative accessories, including earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, to round out your look. And don’t forget your feet! We’ve got trendy sandals, sneakers, and wedges that will add the finishing touch to any summer outfit.

Be ready when spring chill becomes searing summer with wardrobe essentials from Arrow 22. Shop our collections today!

How to Transition Your Closet From Spring to Summer

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