Tips for Elevating Your Clothing Style This Spring

Tips for Elevating Your Clothing Style This Spring

What happens if you edit your closets seasonally but end up with nothing to wear for spring? You must have some essentials, like a good pair of jeans, a few T-shirts, and some sneakers. Here are some tips for elevating your clothing style this spring.

Add White Jeans or Capris

It doesn’t matter if Memorial Day hasn’t come yet—let the weather dictate when you decide to start wearing white again. From crisp Oxford cloth shirts to stalwart sneakers, white goes with everything and gives you a cool, breezy feeling as the weather warms up.

Make sure your wardrobe includes a pair of white jeans in your favorite length: you can go straight leg, wide leg, ankle, or capris—whatever works best for you. White jeans elevate any spring wardrobe if you wear them carefully.

A Classic Blazer

A navy blue blazer with brass buttons can make distressed jeans look appropriate for a meeting with your kid’s teacher or a girl’s brunch out. Try an oversized blazer with a belt over a casual mid-calf skirt or a light linen blazer with a pair of wide-leg linen pants.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are great under blazers for warmer days or to show off how you’ve been working those dumbbells all winter. These tops are essential spring clothing items on their own or layered under a poplin shirt or denim jacket. Tank tops are multi-purpose workhorses for spring and summer wear. Here at Arrow 22, we have a wide selection of women’s fashion tops, from tanks to button-downs in florals, solids, and geometrics.

Heeled Sandals

Square-heeled, ankle-strapped, gladiator, or stiletto—you have to have a few pairs of sandals with heels for spring outfits. They go with jeans, shorts, skirts, or capris to elevate your spring style from standard to standout. Prioritize comfort, and remember that low heels are often more comfortable when on the go.

Accessorize Creatively

Bags, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings give you an opportunity to individualize any outfit. Choose thin, understated silver or gold chains with a blazer and simple stud earrings, or go a little louder with large, beaded earrings and several mix-and-match bracelets. Don’t forget what a colorful scarf can do to draw attention to your face. And for sunny spring days, keep a selection of straw hats, floppy hats, and baseball caps to keep the sun off your face.

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